The blue of the sky🌫

Like a cool gust of wind,it came to remind me,all over again,to look at the clouds,the blue of the sky,the birds flying by!Never take them for granted,never take such freedom for granted,for it is a blessing,to be able,to witness,the miracles created by Allah! Ayesha Rafique #5:33am #birdie #rememberance

Bright Exit ☀

To the One who decrees,To the One who sees,I trust!There is wisdom,In all that happened,that is happening, &that will happen!The quiet one,feels satisfaction deep inside her,the calm feeling streaming through her veins!Ya Rabb!Make my exit bright. Ayesha Rafique #3:11am

O beautiful flower of mine 🌻

Meray pyaray phool!Take my heart, take me in,I want nothing else!••Meray pyaray phool!I pray to be around you,Since i saw you!••Meray pyaray phool!Keep on blooming,Blossom with others around you!••Meray pyaray phool!Your beauty is everlasting to the soul,Full of color,Your fragrance is soothing to the nostrils!••Meray pyaray phool!You colored my life and,made it even sweeter!••Meray pyaray… Continue reading O beautiful flower of mine 🌻

Moving out

So we have finalized the plan of shifting to another city which is far far far away from the present city in which I live -- overwhelming undertaking. I am taking lots of pictures, collecting leaves, flowers, and stones instead of thinking about packing stuff because collecting them is soothing my emotions. I have lived… Continue reading Moving out

We are people of Alhamdulillah🌻

Light entering and,protecting the heart,shielding it,from delusions of life,and enlightening the burdens,by giving birth,to blissful realistic dreams,helping in building,something that lasts,for forever!I will carry,my abundant gifted light all the time,for the sacrifices I make,will be compensated,with something far better.We are people of Alhamdulillah!We are grateful in all conditions!- Ayesha Rafique #3amthoughts #rememberme #inyourduas

••|Intezaar – Wait|••

Intezaar,makes you,accept suffering,without getting angry,•Intezaar,occupies your mind,with endless questions,which have no answer,because you never know,where Allah has placed goodness in!•Intezaar,teaches you to smile,to keep a good attitude,to behave well,even in uncertainty!•Intezaar,makes you pray,with sincerity, humility, and complete devotion!•Intezaar,makes you trust Allah's timings,without losing hope,As He is,Al-Aleem (the most knowledgeable one)!Al-Hakeem (the wisest)!•Almighty Allah says in… Continue reading ••|Intezaar – Wait|••

Precious – Bohat qeemti

Beautiful,Beautiful,Beyond beautiful!You, you, and you!It is a blesssing,to be around you,to spend quality time,with you!How beautiful is the Creator,Who created you!Subhan'Allah!Channeling my energy,to things that matter,to people that matter,to activities that matter!.Me bekar to nahin hun,yeh dunya khel tamashay ki jagha to nahin hai,Jis rab nay bnaya,woh itni qadr krta,toh me khud ki qadr kun… Continue reading Precious – Bohat qeemti

Worshipping You ♡

Ya Allah!I worship youand you only!.Worshipping you,frees me,from the shackles of my desires,from the slavery of your creation!.Worshipping you,makes me strong,even in chaos!.Worshipping you,blooms my imaan,even in pain!.Worshipping you,fills my heart,with your love!.I worship Youand only YouYa Allah!.Ya Rehman!Ya Raheem!Ya Wadoodo!Ya Wahhab!Ya Ghaffar!..- Ayesha Rafique #7am #karachikamosam #mehormerarab #aikmusafir

Ordinary? Naah

9 pm!I went outside,windy night,blowing in the leaves,heart wide open,but withholding feelings,Lips: buttoned-up,Affection: holding back.Tough?Pretty much!what have you done?one day,one moment,brought back,so many emotions,so many feelings!consuming my soul!Ya Rabbi!I thought,I'm tough,tough enough,to bear it,but,as it came,the heart drained,the mind became,restless,the anxiousness came,storming,what is it going to be?the outcome?praying something,something,that I can endureonce again!- Ayesha Rafique"Alhamdulillah… Continue reading Ordinary? Naah

Raasta – A path

By remembering You,life is bright,and in that bright life,I also see the clear path,which seems to have come,to an end,so here I stand,with firm believe,that You will create a path,and give me strength,to face these battles,these challenges,to deal with this,Immense amount of pain,which can not be seen,but can only be felt,which cannot be heard,except by… Continue reading Raasta – A path

A test

A test,which seems difficult at times,and at times,It feels easy peasy,lemon squeezy,something that I can easily bear,but today it doesn't seem like that,these emotions are temporary,this time,this moment,will pass,but right now,It is blindfolding me,the feeling is heavy,This too shall pass,This too shall pass.- Ayesha Rafique #3:15am

••| About Yesterday |••

Radiant morning!Endless water flowing,from glorious fountain.It's quiet,it's magical.Flowers,shining brightly under the sun.Little birds early in the morning,flying and chirping.Ceiling fan,spinning so fast.Grateful for the quiet,grateful for the peace.- Ayesha Rafique #yesterday #justsome4amthing Din me sojanay ki ghalti ka azala ada kr rahi hun.

For eternal?

Together,holding,my petals and thorns,my sky and storm.I prefer,the silence,of my own company.Being in the present moment,with a satisfied heart.Feelings,are visitors,they come and go,but some,some seem eternal though. -- Ayesha Rafique #justsome2amthoughts #poetry #freestyle #twolittlebirdsflyingtogether #abouttoday #aplaceinmyheart

Some memories never fade away

So last night I wrote this poem jo shuru kuch aesay hoti hai: Memories,tender in heart,clouding my mind!Memories of love,of senseless banter,of laughter.Homesick!There is something special,and weird,that the memories that I hold,are mine,just mine,immortal!No one can take it from me,People grow,people change,but the memories remain. Or bs khtm bhi hogae. #reuniteinjannah #1amthoughts #achihonyaburikuchyadainkabhibhooltinahin


The world is different,as I have you,O My beautiful flower! The pandemic days,empty roads,long walk in winters,warm hearts,lots of trees, flowers, sky, &a mellow moon,unveiling the beauty of the dark,making our hearts flutter,wind whispering,the air so fresh,catching us,in a way we will always remember,what a lovely time.- Ayesha Rafique #khubsooratdil #meripyaridost #justsome2:00amthoughts

Blind 🌱

I was nothing but blind,things that existed only in my mind,self-imposed eternities.Searched for dignity,however it was a calamity,nothing but an Illusion,nothing but blind! This picture is worth a thousand words کراچی کی سردیاں #thandoryadain سکون


Experiences broke me in ways,I never imagined,Empty,miserable,lifeless,drowning,clouds on clouds,darkening the skies. The punitive silences,sanked me into the sea of hopelessness.I gasped for air,but it felt so wrong,as if living was a sinful thing to do. But guess what,giving up is comparatively easy,so I stood up,faced my battles,one day at a time,filled the void,by the remembrance… Continue reading Cactus

State of flow

I experience,a state of flow,while making pieces of art,which nourishes my soul,as I subconsciously,pour my inner thoughts,onto a journal,letting them live and breathe,outside my mind,therapeutic and joyful.Art,has no rules.Everyone has their own style,their own perception,- Ayesha Rafique


Sitting with mountains of emotional upheaval,in a different way,by making peace with it.It is not easy,pretty painful in the beginning,Immovable and stuck,fear of unknown, uncertainty,petrifying,breathing in the unknown,changing mindset,slowly, slowly,with love and patience,letting the discomfort come and go naturally,taking tiny steps,sitting with emotions,knowing it better,understanding it better,making peace with it.Choosing to mold my own story,by… Continue reading Headway

Blissful times

The sun shone constantly, &the flower bloomed in my chest.A light deeply embedded,inside my heart.I sprinkled uplifting words,everywhere I went.I am not defined by my beauty,I define what is beautiful to me,oh the rose-tinted blissful times,Holy light trailing upon me,the mind at rest,honey-dipped words spreading colors on a white page,sparkles in the eyes,soothing the soul.Embracing… Continue reading Blissful times


Look at these clouds, their shapes, their colors, how they merge together. Together they look beautiful. Same goes for us. We are all beautiful regardless of the differences that exist among us whether they are physical, intellectual or material. Let our actions and words show that we respect each other. It is okay to disagree.… Continue reading Clouds☁


Your tone, is full of frustration! It's harsh! Your tone of voice, shows how you feel, so deal, with how you feel. If your day, made you exasperate, don't wreck the morning of others. Share how you feel, instead of attacking others. Take care of yourself, by respecting how you feel, and by taking a… Continue reading Tone…

A Process ♡

Face reality, no matter how excruciating it is, pray, share your feelings. Acceptance will help you move forward. See through the facade, how much pain you are enduring. Hold on to your sanity, as long as you hold onto yourself. Move forward, live fully in the present. With God by your side, there's nothing to… Continue reading A Process ♡

Your words

Your words have an immense power, the most powerful force available to humanity. Your words light up, my heart. Little gestures of kindness, sweet words of appreciation, makes me feel so blessed. Your heart, is so beautiful. I respect you more, with every heartbeat. It is an honor, to be your companion. I will remember,… Continue reading Your words

Aim to rise above

Rise, I choose to rise, like a full blown moon, I am putting all the efforts, getting stronger, rising above the clouds, with courage and faith, to see the light, with God by my side, I will rise above, I will rise, I will rise. - Ayesha Rafique

Friday Reminders

Take a bathWear clean pair of clothesCut your nailsSpray some perfumeOffer your prayerMake dua for yourself and for everyone elseRecite Surah-KahfRecite Quran with translationRecite duroodDo a random act of kindness (Call a friend, help in doing household chores, make someone smile, complement someone)Have a blessed day ahead! First ten ayahs of Surah Kahf.  


Allah, I know, Your love for me is still there, You can see me no matter where I am, You are always with me, You are the only stable and constant one in my life, Forgive me ya rabb, Please keep me firm and hold me steady, My wali, My sunshine, My everything. (1:05am)

Best Mate ♥

You mean a lot to me,More than you'll ever know,Meeting you can brighten my whole day,You brought colors into my life,I'll never forget everything about you,Everything about us,All the laughter and pain we shared,And all of the silly things we did sometimes.Whenever I cried for your help, you comforted me,Whenever my mind claimed 'you lost… Continue reading Best Mate ♥


Inside us all: There is potential To be, To think, and To imagine, whatever we want to. Change: for your own sake, as it is the only light at the end of the tunnel, the healer who opens your eyes. Life will be different, because the only constant in our world is change. Believe, and… Continue reading Change

Know Yourself

When you find your purpose and realize your worth, there is nothing more undeniable than how beautiful you become. You are glowing. -MOULE_T «Know Thyself» Know yourself nothing is deeper. Better yourself nothing is better. -Shofi Ahmed

A Light of Love

It's far far beyond I can ever reach. But the sun is shining up in the sky. How can I ever say it's mine. Hand on heart but how can I deny Indeed there is one. Even far from so far shows me a light! «Shofi Ahmed»


Home is where my loved ones are. A place where I can be me without any kind of fear or judgment. If I am afraid I can take shelter from the storm. Warmth emits from every room and it is a very secure place to be. No words are more pleasant than home and love.

The most important lesson I have learned from these four years journey of my university life 🎓

One thing that I have learned from my university life is the importance of time. Completing my work on time no matter how easy or less it is. If I'm not going to start it how will I know if it is difficult or easy? Second if I will genuinely search for the particular information… Continue reading The most important lesson I have learned from these four years journey of my university life 🎓


People spring in and out of our lives because each individual has a reason and season in our journey. Season to be witnessed and reason to be fulfilled. With people we share a part of our lives, a part of ourselves. Each season ends with a lesson and each reason fulfilled with a hope. A… Continue reading Saying