At first, was all your hopes. You smile a lot because it feels like you can reach everything. You know what is your dream. And you want to make it happen.

Then you try hard, make everything as what you expect, you learn, you try harder than anyone will ever do.

You keep doing what you believe in all even when all the people don’t believe you at all.

You accept the fact that people are looking down at you.

For every dreams you are fighting for.

But still you keep going on…

And on

And on.

You try but fail

And fail.

And again you fail.

Angry, sad, feeling down.
Feeling like about to give up.

Desperate, looking for some help.

But then you believe. There is still hope.

You stand up again.
Stronger than before.
With all your weakness
You embrace it.
You keep doing it constantly
And look at you now?

For every experience that you already have.

Shapes you better than before.

Thank you for trying your best, and living till now.
I am so proud of you
Thank you, for embracing all those experiences bitter and sweet.

|Miftahul Jannah|


The most important lesson I have learned from these four years journey of my university life 🎓

One thing that I have learned from my university life is the importance of time. Completing my work on time no matter how easy or less it is. If I’m not going to start it how will I know if it is difficult or easy? Second if I will genuinely search for the particular information without saying again and again I cannot do it, it is so difficult, it is boring or time wasting, I will find something relevant. I feel like if I have to do it by myself by the end of the day then why not do it on time. I have always completed my work specially the group assignments on time and if not there must have been a specific reason behind such as I’m sick, sick to the point where I had to get admit or a close family member is really sick. I never left my work undone due to my sisters wedding, or I had to attend a party, or due to any family gatherings. University made me feel stressed out from time to time, but at the same time, that looming deadline gave me the extra drive to smash out what needs to be done on time. I feel like if for me other things are important than work is my priority too and I need to manage it. I need to complete my work a day before the particular event so that I don’t end up embarrassing myself by making lame execuses. Especially, if I’m given a group assignment my priority is to contribute equally and give my best. The group projects involves sharing diverse perspectives, delegating roles and responsibilities, holding one another (and be held) accountable, and it also helps in making your work creative and interesting. If someone doesn’t completes their work on time sometimes it impacted me so much that it was difficult to cope. People now a days feel pride in procrastinating whick makes me feel so weird. Anyways, I found a way to deal with people who prefer procrastinating, by completing my part first and then I’m done. I don’t care if the other person has completed their part or not I am only responsible for completing my part and that’s it. PERIOD. It is not my responsibility to remind people again and again to complete their work on time and be a responsible person. I feel worried if I procrastinate so I always try to complete my work on time to avoid that uncomfortable feeling in my body. One thing that defines me is that I love getting things done, timely. If I have a meeting with a teacher, or if I have told my friend I will be there at a certain time, if it is a party, I always arrive on time. Because I strongly dislike being late. It bothers me a lot. Don’t be busy, be productive. Time is precious and we need to utilize it wisely. Will end this life lesson with two quotes:


Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether to give heed to a particular emotion or not. Thinking about that particular emotion might result in either getting lost for a while, maybe it will lead towards a solution, or maybe just in a vague argument with no solution. Life is pretty unpredictable. Relying on God seems the best thing to do. In the end life always works out.

Little things-choti choti khushian

Let’s try finding happiness in little things such as sun glittering light upon nature, a quiet place to rest, greenery, waking up feeling fresh, a bath, clean clothes, a perfect cup of tea, a delicious meal, fries, icecream, a child’s laugh, shinning stars, etc.
Let’s find happiness in little things and be grateful for them.

“The more simple pleasures you discover in your life, the happier you’ll get.”

Short Story

It’s a story about two siblings who lived in a house nearby a beach. One sunny day the kids decided to play outside and collected some seashells. On their way back home the kid’s little sister saw a nearby shop and said I want a chocolate. The brother said okay and so he went to the shop keeper and asked him for a chocolate. As they were carrying no money the kid offered the shop keeper some seashells in exchange of a chocolate as the child had no idea that things can only be bought from money. The old man smiled at the child’s innocence and gave him a chocolate and took 6 seashells in return. The child was really happy and left with his sister. The servant asked the owner of the shop why would you do that? He said, when the child will grow up he would know that chocolate comes from money but that old man was really kind to me. Hence, that child will believe in goodness and will try to spread it as well. Therefore, doing one good deed has such a great impact that we should never underestimate even the small acts of kindness, making world a better place to live in.


(Aap ka acha hona matter krta hai.)


Life update

So I had a pretty busy day. I came back home from university at 1:45pm approximately. My nephew (my world) came along with my mother to pick me up. I spent my time till 7pm with them (I have a niece and a nephew) which included changing diapers, doing lunch with them, playing with them, giving them loads of hugs, and sleeping with them too. And when all three of us woke up we ate fries. We do fries party a lot because aloo (potato) is heaven. And yes I washed the dishes too. These kids make me feel happy and grateful :)) Bundle of joy Ma Shaa Allah. With all of that I also drew some mandalas on stones and managed to give this post a life. Here’s a picture of these stones.

So that’s it for today.

Thank you for taking out your precious time for reading this post. It is appreciated.

New semester is beginning from tomorrow

I pray this semester goes well. Ameen.

So I wanted to write on the topic what is in my bag. You know being a university student there aren’t much things in our bag just a notebook and a pen is enough sometimes. Well things that I feel are necessary to keep with me all the time are mentioned below:

1. Notebooks. As it is going to be first day so I made this diy purple colored notebook for taking rough notes. And the black notebook is for making neat and clean notes at home. Yes I love writing and making notes. I’m not posting pictures of my other two notebooks which are of A4 size I forgot to take their picture and now I don’t want to get up from bed because I’m tired.

2. Obviously a pencil case which includes a whito, highlighter, ball pens, pointer, gellpen, and basic stationery. Sticky notes (labels) too.

3. Some duas for tough times. So my friend made this mini motivational notebook the one on which pink heart is made and Ayesha is written in the heart. I keep it with me all the time it helps me to calm myself.

4. A blue colored notepad for drawing. Yes I made it myself :)) Love diys.

5. Two pages of drawings so that I can color in it if I feel tired of listening to the lecture. I got these pictures from pinterest and I printed them out.

6. Panadol. You don’t know when you will get a headache or a friend of yours might get it so I keep it with me most of the times.

7. That cream color thing (one on the bottom left) is my money bag. Basically I put my usb, id card, medical card, and my money in it.

8. Rings. Yes I keep two rings with me all the time. In case I want to wear rings. I love rings.

9. In the morning I will put my homemade lunch and water bottle in my bag. Eat healthy food and stay hydrated guys.

And that’s it. Hope you will have a great day ahead. And where there is night time good night guys.