Independence is a mindset

So I have observed people saying they want to be independent. That is all they say. Most people like the Idea of Independence. Independence is a mindset. You want to be independent it starts with you. Want to know how? By helping yourself. And I mean it. Take care of yourself, your diet. Eat proper meals on time. You need to know how to wash your own clothes, if not cook at least wash your own dishes. When you come back from job, university, or school change your clothes and put them back at their place. Do your work by yourself. Manage your expenses in the amount you are given. If you have flower pots give them water daily. You have a pet take care of it. Handle responsibilities carefully. Just imagine you are living on your own. Feel the taste of Independence. See Independence is same like love. Let me tell you how. If you will keep on waiting for someone to love you that won’t happen. Because you don’t even know how to love yourself. You haven’t set your own boundaries. Same goes for Independence. Imagine you are independent and you don’t know how to cook (imagine you don’t have a house helper), you don’t know how to wash your own clothes, you are not able to handle your expenses, and with that you study or you have a job, you will end up like a person with a broken leg. Suppose if that person is still trying to walk with the same leg it will only get worse. The best thing would be to put a plaster on it and take rest for some time. And if you know how to do everything and still want to be Independent then lets be patient and look for an opportunity like maybe getting a scholarship and studying abroad or maybe looking for a job in another city. All human beings need to learn how to stand on their own. A young child’s mother leaves the hand of her child at one point so that the child can learn how to balance his/her weight and walk on his/her own. She cannot hold her childs hand for forever. Same way you and I need to learn how to do some things, which are necessary for living, on our own. You will be Independent at one point in life and if you know how to help yourself it will only be beneficial for you. In the mean time help yourself and those around you.



Life can be the sunshine, On peaceful days with bright blue skies, Or life can be raindrops, That fall like tears squeezed from your eyes. Life can be heaven, That you will only reach through hell, Since you won't know that you are happy. If you've not been sad as well, Life can teach hard lessons, But you will be wiser once you know, That even roses need both sunshine, And a touch of rain to grow. -e.h

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