New semester is beginning from tomorrow

I pray this semester goes well. Ameen.

So I wanted to write on the topic what is in my bag. You know being a university student there aren’t much things in our bag just a notebook and a pen is enough sometimes. Well things that I feel are necessary to keep with me all the time are mentioned below:

1. Notebooks. As it is going to be first day so I made this diy purple colored notebook for taking rough notes. And the black notebook is for making neat and clean notes at home. Yes I love writing and making notes. I’m not posting pictures of my other two notebooks which are of A4 size I forgot to take their picture and now I don’t want to get up from bed because I’m tired.

2. Obviously a pencil case which includes a whito, highlighter, ball pens, pointer, gellpen, and basic stationery. Sticky notes (labels) too.

3. Some duas for tough times. So my friend made this mini motivational notebook the one on which pink heart is made and Ayesha is written in the heart. I keep it with me all the time it helps me to calm myself.

4. A blue colored notepad for drawing. Yes I made it myself :)) Love diys.

5. Two pages of drawings so that I can color in it if I feel tired of listening to the lecture. I got these pictures from pinterest and I printed them out.

6. Panadol. You don’t know when you will get a headache or a friend of yours might get it so I keep it with me most of the times.

7. That cream color thing (one on the bottom left) is my money bag. Basically I put my usb, id card, medical card, and my money in it.

8. Rings. Yes I keep two rings with me all the time. In case I want to wear rings. I love rings.

9. In the morning I will put my homemade lunch and water bottle in my bag. Eat healthy food and stay hydrated guys.

And that’s it. Hope you will have a great day ahead. And where there is night time good night guys.



Life can be the sunshine, On peaceful days with bright blue skies, Or life can be raindrops, That fall like tears squeezed from your eyes. Life can be heaven, That you will only reach through hell, Since you won't know that you are happy. If you've not been sad as well, Life can teach hard lessons, But you will be wiser once you know, That even roses need both sunshine, And a touch of rain to grow. -e.h

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