Short Story

It’s a story about two siblings who lived in a house nearby a beach. One sunny day the kids decided to play outside and collected some seashells. On their way back home the kid’s little sister saw a nearby shop and said I want a chocolate. The brother said okay and so he went to the shop keeper and asked him for a chocolate. As they were carrying no money the kid offered the shop keeper some seashells in exchange of a chocolate as the child had no idea that things can only be bought from money. The old man smiled at the child’s innocence and gave him a chocolate and took 6 seashells in return. The child was really happy and left with his sister. The servant asked the owner of the shop why would you do that? He said, when the child will grow up he would know that chocolate comes from money but that old man was really kind to me. Hence, that child will believe in goodness and will try to spread it as well. Therefore, doing one good deed has such a great impact that we should never underestimate even the small acts of kindness, making world a better place to live in.


(Aap ka acha hona matter krta hai.)


Life update

So I had a pretty busy day. I came back home from university at 1:45pm approximately. My nephew (my world) came along with my mother to pick me up. I spent my time till 7pm with them (I have a niece and a nephew) which included changing diapers, doing lunch with them, playing with them, giving them loads of hugs, and sleeping with them too. And when all three of us woke up we ate fries. We do fries party a lot because aloo (potato) is heaven. And yes I washed the dishes too. These kids make me feel happy and grateful :)) Bundle of joy Ma Shaa Allah. With all of that I also drew some mandalas on stones and managed to give this post a life. Here’s a picture of these stones.

So that’s it for today.

Thank you for taking out your precious time for reading this post. It is appreciated.



Life can be the sunshine, On peaceful days with bright blue skies, Or life can be raindrops, That fall like tears squeezed from your eyes. Life can be heaven, That you will only reach through hell, Since you won't know that you are happy. If you've not been sad as well, Life can teach hard lessons, But you will be wiser once you know, That even roses need both sunshine, And a touch of rain to grow. -e.h

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